[Event] Modern Procurement May 21th

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Begin datum: 21-mei-2019 17:00
Eind datum: 21-mei-2019 20:00
Kosten: Free
Locatie: Brussels Airport

Procurement leaders, the moment is now! All your data in one trusted source! On this moment we already see the gap in maturity between organisations already investing in digital transformation and others, USA, UK and Chinese companies ahead. Don’t miss out!

For whom? 

For you, the procurement leader who wants to develop himself and his department towards a claimed strategic position in the board.

  • Want to bring the impact of your procurement department to full visibility?
  • Always wondered what A.I., B.I., M.L. can do for you?
  • Want control?
  • Cold feed for “robotization”?
  • Wandering what Modern Procurement and New Ways of Working mean?

Join us:

  • When you don’t want to miss this digital procurement boat.
  • When you want to know what’s already possible in this field.
  • When you want to understand how your procurement peers are doing it for themselves.


Full visibility of all procurement activities now! We will make sure you get the tools and the knowledge to take the next step in digitalisation.

➔ Create more time and spend it wisely by developing yourself & your department strategically.

➔ Be prepared for every meeting, for every strategic decision to be made with real-time data at a glance.

➔ More bang for the buck! ROCE …

Sounds good? Because of you, we’ll take the step together! Good strategy execution and trusted advisory will help you to successfully implement and run your procurement transformation.

What can InQuest do for you?

We give you the final boost in digitalization and provide you with the specific talent you need for as long as you need.

Our Professional Interim Managers have the knowledge, Best Practices and Lessons Learned to make your life easier.

Use our time and people:

➔ Change Managers, to cope with opposition and resistance

➔ Project Managers

➔ Support to digitalize all your data, P2P, etc

➔ Training of your staff

➔ Implementation and roll out through all procurement sites, local and abroad

Meeting Content

The main topics we will handle

  • Digitalization and how to deal with it.
  • Transformation by using technology.
  • How digitalization impacts you as a manager/leader.
  • How to get your ‘first time right’?
  • What can we learn from short communication lines?
  • Digitalization of the repetitive and operational tasks: technology A.I. + B.I. + M.L. How did Microsoft managed it?


Fabienne Groenenboom Microsoft Senior Procurement Manager Northern Europe Procurement Thought Leader | Drive Digital Transformation | Innovation | Agile & Change Mgt 

Rina De Reys InQuest Directeur HR services for Supply Chain Professionals & (Public) Procurement Perm & Temp/Interim Management+


5pm: Welcome
5:15pm – 5:30pm: Introduction -  InQuest
5:30pm – 6:30pm: Modern Procurement - Microsoft
6:30pm – 7pm: Visit Microsoft Technology Center
7pm – 8pm: Catering & Networking  


Would you like to attend? Please send an e-mail to bergmans@inquest.be and add your name and company. And we will send you some extra information. 

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